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Megiess Studio Retro Look

From the most traditional to the out-and-out famous, these retro hairstyles are totally hot this season! Sure we have achieved a lot of great things in those decades, like winning World Cup trophy to landing on the moon. But it’s the fabulous retro hairstyles that really stick in our heads and we let it go out of fashion. The bold geometric haircuts, scarf-tied updos, finger waves, high buns are all timeless hairstyles to flaunt and to prove it; they’re currently making a huge comeback! Here are some peerless retro hairstyles Megies Studio wants you to exhibit:

Scarf tied updos:

Step out and perk up with this chic-look defining a fun touch to your hair. Keep it modern with floral or geometric designs on your scarf by ditching the red and white polka dots scarf. This is also the perfect updo for hair that’s overdue for some shampoo. Get hold of your girlfriends for brunch or a coffee by flaunting this spunky look. These vintage hairstyles have sprung up recently because of the recent movies that portray vintage clothes too. Scarf tied updo is the firstborn updos that every girl would flaunt in their era. 

Wavy Bob with a tinge of red:

Slight waves in your hair with a tinge of color and carelessly falling on your face can be perfect for a casual get-away with friends. This look can also be adorned for a party by pinning your flapper-girl waves at one side and exhibiting your earring to the audience. Style it up with an evening gown and look classy!

Flirty finger Waves:

Finger waves remind us of Marilyn Monroe with her white dress flipping up over the air vent. These waves are created by twirling your fingers to give a perfect curvy look. This antique look can fit well with a bob cut, a high bun or even a half-tie. What makes this hairstyle look up-to-date is its free-flowing quality. It looks really touchable and the waves aren’t as sculpted as before, they’re more deconstructed. The hairstyle is extremely flattering and flirty.

Blowout hair:

These voluminous waves are flattering for all women, especially for more casual and off-the-cuff look. Sport it with a hairband or a side fancy pin with a puff at the back to give a bouncy, yet casual look. Make sure your hair doesn’t look sprayed; else it’ll give a sticky look to your hair. The touchable texture is the modern upgrade of this Aishwarya Rai blowout.

Side curled half-braid:

This classic outmoded look always evolves with time. Give volume to your hair curling it and applying it with a fancy hair accessory to cover your crown. Our upmarket ladies have it a modern look by accessorizing it with the trendiest jewel on their hair. You can choose to add waves to your hair to give it a tousled and impressive look. Our 80s heroines used such accessories with a traditional dress and so do we because it has come back in fashion once again.

Rolled back ponytail:

This European retro look has been displayed well by our 60s Bollywood heroines. It’s a nice variation on an updo. Keep the parts a little haphazard and not so precise way. The highlights are really bright, which is why it gives a modern look to your hair. The rolls are pinned in place but not in a severe way, so the texture looks shimmery and tangible.

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