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Indian Bride Megies Studio

Bridal makeup and bridal hairstyling works well in our favor. We, at Megies Studio, give a professional look to a bride however she demands for it. Bridal hairstyles are not most difficult to style yet look more graceful. Have a look at the bridal hairstyles that we like to offer the new brides:

The vintage half-do:

These seemingly-vintage curls that are swept back into a loose half pony-tail make an elegant, yet up-to-the-minute statement. Give a gelled front look with loose curls at the back to get this look right. Be it an occasion or an opening ceremony, this look fits well with an evening gown or a traditional dress.

Victorian side updo:        

The Victorian hairstyles have all kinds of hues from plain to fancy, each with a distinct finery and elegance. These hairstyles are one such style that is still admired by the women for their elaborate and beautiful look. Though today it is nearly impossible to wear them on a daily basis, some women who are very particular about their hairdos take time to decorate their crowning glory in the Victorian fashion with fresh flowers and decorative pins to complement their elegant dresses. Lot of young girls prefer to flaunt this old, yet perfect-princess look for their wedding.

The Indian cascade:

The long Indian braid flicked to a shoulder side works beautifully to showcase traditional Indian jewelry, which is why it is named as ‘The Indian cascade’. This hairdo is perfect on lehenga cholis that depict Indian traditional culture in every possible way. This is the safest and neatest look one can adorn on a traditional outfit. You can even decorate your braid with fresh flowers or some beaded hair accessory to give an illustrious look. This braided hairstyle looks perfect on long beautiful hair.

The big Weave:

This high bun with a gelled wave that slightly caresses your face is the perfect hairdo to be flaunted on evening gowns on a formal occasion. The side part is more extreme than how it used to be worn in order to create the lovely side-swept bangs. This terrific royal updo looks quite classy if worn with minimal make up.

Bouffant bun:

Tie your hair in an uptight bun and escalate it with a fancy hair accessory. Women of all age groups can use this hairdo for variant occasions from marriages to office look. It’s easy to roll and twist your hair in a bun. Give it a high puff to give it a dramatic look and a vintage touch to it.  It looks the best on saris and free flowing evening gowns.

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